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Native Los Angeles musician and artist. 

 "Zallen's music is awesome in scope, covers a lot of ground and different styles, with an emerging style of his own, and has obviously paid much attention to the guitar heroes of our time as well as the best songwriters."

---Tony Visconti (David Bowie's Producer )


Michael and Brian May of QueenZallen (aka Singer/Songwriter Mike Jones) is a native Los Angeles musician and visual artist. He has been performing professionally in numerous bands since the age of fifteen when he co-formed the band Eulogy with Rusty Anderson (one of LA's top session guitarists, who's worked with everyone from Paul McCartney to Sinead O'Connor.) EULOGY won the battle of the bands at the Pasadena Civic and produced the song "WHEN YOUR YOUNG" for LA' s powerhouse radio station KNAC, which also featured them on spot with the group QUEEN.
After EULOGY, Zallen formed the band ECLIPSE and continued to tour and entertain packed high schools and college stadiums with his flamboyant stage antics. Zallen, along with Daniel Van Patten and Chris Velasco formed a new band called ZICKO GLICK, an early incarnation of what eventually became the top selling group BERLIN , (SEX, TAKE MY BREATH AWAY and numerous other hits). Daniel went on to produce the first BERLIN album.
BozartZallen co-composed, produced, and performed an independent release with friend Billy Paul under the band name BOZART in the late 80's, garnering him attention from PRINCE’S label, Paisley Park and Grammy winners Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. The sound could be described as The Beatles meet Prince.
"Nature of the Beast" Zallen's band CRYIN OUT LOUD, co-formed with his friend Steve Zdriok, was named as Band of the Month by KLOS Radio and the song "This City" and "Handguns and Home Survival" were featured on the "Local Licks" program.  The song "This City" was featured in the film "Nature of the Beast", starring Eric Roberts and Lance Henricksen, and directed by Victor Salva, who's other movies include "Powder" and "Jeepers Creepers." 

Zallen has recorded five CD's:  "I Live In A Box", "Mook", "Spintime", "Top 10", and "Spacetoy"  from his digital home studio and released them on his website. He is a weekly featured artist and has had over 21 songs in the Top 20 Psychedelic, Mod, Glam Rock, Brit Pop, and Latin music charts. The song "Mars Express" held at #2 for 3 months straight on the Psychedelic charts, and "Expensive Date", co-written by Rusty Anderson, hit # 1 in the Mod Charts. selected the Zallen tune "Just Knowing" out of virtually "millions of songs as they put it, for their "Rock Without a Net" compilation CD. 

In January 2002 Zallen composed  the music for two 1-800 DENTIST TV comercials that are presently running nationally, as well as original music for an animated short film, written and directed by Arthur Gu.
In March 2002 MTV chose Zallen's progressive Dance track "Sexedelic" for a worldwide promotional campaign as well as being included in their new TV series "Vice." 

HIs brand new CD release "Afactsafact" is now available at e-retail stores including: Barnes and, CD Now,, Borders Books and 
Zallen has written numerous jingles, and instrumental film music, and is an accomplished painter specializing in Surrealistic and Photo Realistic works of art.

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